Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caprese Salad Skewers

cherry tomatos
fresh mozzarella cheese balls
fresh basil
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper
bamboo skewers (cut in half)

Assemble tomato, basil & cheese on skewers. Drizzle oil and vinegar over. Salt and pepper to taste. Garnish & serve.

Note: these weren't as popular at my party as I thought they would be.  My sister, who is an event planner, said that people tend to prefer less complicated items.  So, assembling them on toast or discs of cheese with sliced tomato and basil on top may be more appealing.  Also, I added a tomato on either side of the cheese, but I think in the future I'll just have one of each.  Either way, I really enjoyed them.


Katelyn said...

Ummm-- I thought they were DELICIOUS! Of course, I would take Caprese on skewers, toast, or just off the cutting board. I didn't know your sister was an event planner! Fun!

Katelyn said...

I was just checkin on your blog, and I revisited this post... It would be okay with us if you brough these whenever you come to meet Ransom. Just saying...