Thursday, November 14, 2013


I got this from Anthony Bourdain's Rome episode.  Check it out here

Carbonara "Sauce"
2 eggs
parmigiano cheese
pecorino cheese
fresh coarse ground black pepper
olive oil
pasta  (thick spaghetti works well, but any long noodle probably works.  If you can make it fresh, it's even better)

Wisk 2 eggs.  Stir in equal parts of cheeses.  Grind in black pepper (be generous - the pepper really makes this dish pop).  Add a little olive oil.  Wisk/stir until you have a nice paste.

Slice pancetta into strips.  Pan fry in olive oil.

Add pasta fresh from the pot. It needs to be hot to "cook" the eggs and melt the sauce paste.  Spoon in carbonara sauce paste and stir quickly until evenly coated.  Plate. Top with fresh cheese.


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